John W. Pritchett
  • Creative, out-of-the-box thinker. 
  • Proven performance in the development of financial planning and analysis tools.
  • Microsoft Excel expert 
  • More than 25 years of diverse financial experience in real estate, new business ventures, investment funds, and family offices.
  • Results-oriented, super-fast starter.
  • Exceptional personal and professional qualities.

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Financial Planning and Analysis Qualifications
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Experience Recap

Financial planning and analysis: With degrees in math and economics, an MBA, and superior computer skills, has implemented dependable budget and forecast systems in mature companies and developed financial projections for a variety of start-up businesses.  Details
New  Microsoft Excel projects: Utilized Microsoft Excel and its Visual Basic (VB) macro language to develop a variety of tools and worksheets to achieve various corporate objectives.  Details
Financial officer: CPA for more than 20 years with a strong background in management consulting and information processing. Brings a business-oriented perspective to financial reporting and has demonstrated the management skills and technical knowledge to superbly fulfill the responsibilities of corporate finance and administration. Details
Real estate industry: Consulted with real estate management and development companies on information reporting issues and served as a senior officer in both a public and private real estate company. Generated $4 million in residential real estate sales. Details
Family office administration: Intensely trustworthy with a sterling reputation, has delivered diversified expertise to families of wealth. Details
New business ventures: Savvy businessman, has worked to bring a start-up public, established new businesses including an investment company and two Internet companies, and investigated other ventures. Details
Career Resume

I have had the fortunate opportunity to work in a tremendous variety of real estate and financial-related positions in many companies and to pursue some very special personal interests. In brief, my career may be segmented into five stages, outlined below.
 Consulting     Real Estate   New Business Startups   Sabbatical 
| 1975-1984 | 1984-1990 | 1990-2002 | 2002-2007 | 2008- |
Consulting 2.0: Corporate Financial Planning & Analysis Advisory Services 
Consulted in the development of cash projection models and related analytical tools, utilizing Microsoft Excel. Details 2008-
Real Estate 2.0: Residential Sales
To employ my business, marketing, and technology skills, returned to real estate, this time as a licensed real estate agent specializing in high-rise residential properties and short sales.
Major North Texas residential real estate brokerage firm with more than 400 agents
Residential Real Estate Agent  
Company's top residential leasing producer 2012-14. Generated $10+ million in property transactions through on-line marketing. Employed skills in all aspects of real estate sales and marketing including website development, MLS data access, email marketing and tracking, photography, pricing analyses, etc. Details  
During a sabbatical to fulfill a long-term dream to finish researching my family history and to pursue a profitable career in voice-over, I became a best-selling author, speaker, and radio program producer.
Nationally-recognized Colonial Virginia genealogist, author, and lecturer. Details 1990-2006
Voice talent and radio program producer. Details 2006-2007
New Business Startups: ARBImetrics » ObjectSpace  »  ZixCorp
Worked in a series of startup ventures with David Cook, founder of Blockbuster Video and originator of the Toll Tag.
ZIX CORPORATION Dallas, TX 1997-2002
A leading provider of Internet services that protect and deliver sensitive information
Vice President  
Produced financial projections for new business ventures including CustomTracks, ZixMail, and ZixCharge. Developed ZixCharge, a product for secure Web purchases, and promoted it to major credit card companies. Worked with outside attorneys, Susman Godfrey LLP, to help bring a lawsuit against Visa International for interfering with ZixCharge.
OBJECTSPACE, INC. Dallas, TX 1996-1997
FastTech 50 software and consulting company with revenue of $18 million and 200+ employees preparing for an initial public offering
Chief Financial Officer  
Supervised all accounting and financial reporting. Maintained vital relationship with auditors, Ernst & Young. Tracked employee stock options. Managed comprehensive annual budgeting and projection process. Details  
ARBImetrics CORPORATION Dallas, TX 1990-1996
Investment fund trading in stocks, options, and futures
President and Treasurer  
Developed trading strategies and initiated trades through Goldman Sachs and Smith Barney. Prepared investor reports, financial statements, and fund and corporate tax returns. Managed personal finances of company chairman David Cook. Details  
Real Estate: Accenture »  LPC  » NRA
Brought my CPA and knowledge of real estate information systems from Accenture to LPC where I gained expertise in all administrative aspects of property development and management. As its chief financial officer, I applied these skills at National Realty Advisors, a public company.
Umbrella corporation for a series of public real estate investment trusts
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer  
Responsibilities were similar to those at Lincoln Property Company, below, but as applied to publicly-traded entities. Details  
Private real estate development and management company then with $5 billion in assets that operated in 25+ states through approximately 1,500 partnerships and corporations, and employed 4,000
Senior Vice President  
Provided quality, cost effective, and timely support to the company’s partners in the areas of accounting, tax, cash management, information services, loan administration, risk management, employee benefits, payroll, accounts payable, and corporate records. Directed the family office of founder Mack Pogue and his brother, Jack Pogue. Although responsibilities were generally the domain of a CFO, no one held such a title. Details  
Consulting: Technology and Information Reporting
Joined one of the finest consulting firms in the world.
ACCENTURE Dallas, TX 1975-1984
International information technology consulting company
Management Information Systems Consultant  
Helped clients employ information processing and reporting systems in response to business problems and opportunities. Participated in practice management through college recruiting, local and firm-wide training, and professional staff development. Details  
Education and Certifications

Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University
     M.B.A. With Distinction
Pittsburgh 1973-1975
Rice University
B.A., Economics and Applied Mathematical Sciences
     Summa Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa
Houston 1969-1973
Certified Public Accountant Texas 1997-2003
Real Estate Licensee Texas 2008-
Short Sales & Foreclosure Resource Certificate 
     National Association of Realtors


Member, Real Estate Financial Executives Association 1982-1990
Member, Building Owners and Managers Association 1982-1984
Member, Risk and Insurance Management Society 1987-1990
Board Member, Chairman of Finance and Administration, Greater Dallas 
          Community of Churches
Board Member, Treasurer, Dallas Repertory Theater 1984-1989
Member, National Genealogical Society 2000-2007
Member, National Association of Realtors, Texas Association of Realtors,
          MetroTex Association of Realtors
Board Member, Dallas Business Club 2010-2011
Founding Member, North Texas Association of FP&A Professionals 2011-